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A $7 note? Only in Fiji

Life as an expat in Fiji is funny, and quirky, and filled with "Only in Fiji" moments. The Reserve Bank of Fiji recently released a new $7 bank note to commemorate the Fiji Gold Medal win at the Rio Olympics for Rugby 7s.

At first I thought it was a prank, until I saw the actual note. Fiji is the only country in the World believed to have a $7 note. Go Fiji Go!

This made me think about how when you move to another country as an expat, you experience 'funny', 'weird', 'surreal' moments a lot, probably through your own ignorance most of the time!

We had a strange moment when we first moved to Suva. It was announced on the radio to be aware of 5 escaped prisoners. Shortly after hearing this, I went outside to put the garbage out and without a word of lie, I saw a man dressed in 'prison orange' running up our road. Fast.

The cleaner at the building I was living in also saw, turned to me and yelled out "TOSO BOY!" which is roughly translated to "run fast boy" and then she broke out in the biggest belly laugh.

Travelling around Suva, you will often see prisoners in their orange outfits mowing or gardening, painting or doing odd jobs. Now, we don't bat an eyelid to it, but when we first moved to Fiji and the prisoners would call out a big BULA to us, it was definitely an "only in Fiji' moment for us.

Me and Fiji | Prisoner gardening Outside the prison in Suva |

Like when you want to buy a DVD and you can't work out which is the better deal:

Me and Fiji | only in fiji | which dvd is cheaper me and fiji

Or when you are driving and trying to stay within the limits of the law,

but can't decide which one is to follow:

only in fiji  what is the speed limit in fiji me and fiji

Like the time you showed up to work showing too much neck

only in fiji staff rules in fiji me and fiji

Or when you wanted that job so badly and your were totally prepared to hide your neck, but you were married... shame on you:

Or when the onions appeared to morph into apples:

Not a day goes by when I don't have a good belly laugh at something.

When we were looking for somewhere to rent in 2012, the Agent did a great job selling me a property over the phone. He mentioned outdoor shower, and I was virtually frothing at the mouth screaming down the phone line "sign the lease baby". I immediately imagined myself here:

outdoor shower fiji meandfiji

Then the actual photos arrived in my inbox:

If you're sexy and you know it clap your hands... or get in the taxi instead:

Now if you're going to buy a new shovel fork, perhaps check your definition of new:

No selfie stick, no problem:

If by the chance you're wealthy, here is a great opportunity for you in the Personal Ads

And just in case you are not 'suitable ' for the ad in the daily newspaper, be sure you don't use it for toilet paper:

Now of course, all these images are a bit of fun and in the spirit of having a laugh. I found a lot of them on the Only In Fiji facebook page. Some of them were mine.

But all of them are following the rule according to one sign in Fiji:

Fijians are great at laughing, and laughing at themselves. It's a trait we could all use a bit more in life - don't you think?

Do you have any of your own 'Only in Fiji' moments or any expat moments which made you really laugh? Share them with me so I can have a laugh too!

Moce friends XX

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