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One Fine Sunday in Sigatoka, Fiji

This is another post from our time in Fiji in 2014. This post was written in April whilst living in Sigatoka, Fiji. It is a glimpse of our day-to-day life. Again, I haven't changed anything, just copied it from my blogspot blog and pasted it here.


Lots of my friends wonder about our life here in Fiji, and what we do each day. 'Not much' is usually my answer. But 'not much' fills up our day nicely and we always seem busy, and fairly tired by nightfall. It must be because everything takes so much longer here, and a trip to town is a series of adventures in itself. We don't wear watches, or even know the time unless we deliberately look for it. Our days start off with simple brekky like porridge (cooked in an electric frypan haha) or jam on toast, followed by morning chores like washing, and sweeping.. then we do school together. After school, we mostly head into town for the day's food, or some phone or internet recharges. On sunny days we might go for a walk to the beach, or indulge in a visit to a local Resort for a swim in the pool. Some days we will treat ourselves to a 'real' coffee at the only cafe in town. This morning we took pictures on our trip to town. It's Sunday so there was hardly anyone around, especially quiet actually since it's Easter Sunday.

Here's what the morning looked like through our eyes....

Walking down the Hill from our house to the bus-stop, which can more accurately be described as "a spot on the road where the bus will stop!"

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Posing in front of the hibiscus, obviously not something we pose in front of each time we walk down the hill!

Its a long walk down that hill for 6 year old legs!

See across the road - well that's the bottom of the hill we just walked down.

Waiting ,waiting, waiting... hoping a bus or taxi will come along soon! Sometimes we can wait up to 45 minutes, they aren't really on a schedule. It's affectionately known as "Fiji time!".

Today it is about half an hour we wait, and along comes a bus... YAY! And double yay because we all get a seat.

The wheels on the bus go round and round.... round and round.... (are you singing now?)

8 minutes down the road we are in town "Sigatoka"... getting off the 'bus' which today was more like a van, a fairly dirty one at that. $2FJD for the 3 of us (around $1.30 in Australia)

Tappoo is the largest tourist type department store in Fiji with shops all over and in every Resort.. the Sigatoka store is their flagship store and is home to the nicest cafe in town. Off for a coffee! We were pretty excited getting off the bus to see that it was open today.

This is the lovely lady who makes our lattes...

My latte with a sprinkle of chocolate happiness on top... yum!


Walking through town heading to the supermarket... normally this street is packed with people and taxi's.. today very quiet and peaceful.

Morris Headstrom, one of the supermarket chains here... Or to the locals, simply "MHs". Open half day today because of Easter.

Next stop the bakery for a wholemeal "long loaf" only $1FJD, so around 65cents in Australia. We bought 3 as we cooked dinner for our friends tonight and served it with garlic bread. PS. it was yum!

The baker thought I was quite weird asking for a photo

Foodhall is around the corner from MH, it is another supermarket.. often you need to go to multiple shops to get your list filled.

Last stop is the markets for some fresh vegies and fruit. I was suprised to see the market stalls today given it was Easter, but grateful nonetheless. Bought some of those bananas and had them in a banana shake for lunch - very nice!

Coco checking out the fruit with Jewel up ahead of her leading the way.

Waiting for a taxi driver to pick us up... we had left all our bags with him from MH so we could walk over to the other shops and the market. When we got back he had gone, so we just waited and sure enough he showed up again. A $5 ride home in a taxi was an easier option with all our groceries.

Then home sweet home.....

Goodnight xx

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