A B O U T  M E   A N D  F I J I

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Me and Fiji

Firstly a big Bula Vinaka (a warm happy greeting in Fijian) to you and welcome to our site!


We are an Australian family who has lived and worked in the beautiful tropical island of Fiji.  We have created this website to primarily share information and stories about our time spent there - either living in Fiji as expats, or holidaying in Fiji as tourists - with the aim to help others who wish to take the plunge and move to Fiji.

We upload a new Blog Post twice a week on different topics about Fiji, or our life in Fiji and more recently about life in the Gold Coast. 


SJ is the main writer on the website.  She has written for many publications about Fiji, and will be releasing her own e-book titled "Can I Move To Fiji?"shortly.

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Why Fiji?


Fiji is in our blood.  Well… I should clarify, not literally in our blood.  SJ is a true-blue Aussie – but feels a deep connection with Fiji - so a better explanation would be that it is in our hearts.


We have met a few Australians over the years who feel the same way.  They have become our really close friends - it’s a bond that is hard to explain.


Our first trip to Fiji was in 2009 for a family holiday.  Little did we know that was the trip that set our path for the future, and what we have experienced for the past 9-10 years.  We have lived in Fiji in various locations on and off since then, the stories and reasons are great and varied.


We have is a genuine love for the island nation, and a good understanding of how it works. From a holiday-makers perspective, and from an Expats perspective.  We have lived in both the ‘expat’ world, and in the ‘local’ world, and we've been a ‘tourist’ too.

Our family consists of SJ and Hubby, and two daughters (who are now 18 and 13 yrs old!).  When we first started travelling to Fiji, the youngest daughter was not quite 2.

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Vinaka Friends XX

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