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Day Three (of 21)...

It ended with a few games of Monopoly Deal. I won the first round, and was crowned with the Burger King crown. I had to hand it over when I lost the next game. Don’t even ask.

It started off the same as the past couple days. Brekky, coffee, supermarket for water, and pool. And that was it today. Hot, sweaty, and tonight RED. Red from sunburn. Even though I put on plenty of sunscreen, I definitely missed some spots.

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The air con in our room is really cold, but everyone else wants it on. I have taken to sleeping with towels on top of me, as well as a singlet wrapped round my head - a makeshift beanie! Who would have thought it - in Fiji being cold. I could ask for another blankie but who can be bothered.

Family dramas.

Our room was cheap, but awesome. Had everything we needed, except water pressure. LOL, before we leave I will try to take a few pics.

I know this is boring.

But boring was the name of the game today. And I was fine with that. I could laze by a pool all day.

I met two taxi drivers today who both had kind of sad stories. One had been an ambulance driver for 14 years and had to stop due to an incident in 2015 (I must remember to google it as he said it was in the news for months). Then the other was working at the Airport for 17 years and was sacked for selling fish when he was on annual leave. Both are in court cases. I felt sad listening to their stories.

Taxis are always interesting to people new to Fiji. For a start, most are decorated in elaborate, bright patterns and colours.

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meandfiji; fiji blog; meandfiji blog; nadi; taxi in fiji; tokatoka nadi; kids travel; travel blog

This one has tourist flyers hanging on the back of the seats but instead of a map of Fiji, this guy has maps of Singapore, LOL.

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The numbers written on the head rests are the taxi licence number. LT means it is a general public taxi, with a meter. LH means it is more of a Hire Car Taxi which will not always have a meter, so make sure you ask them how much they are going to charge. We jumped out of one today after he said he was going to charge $20 into town, when it’s $9 in a metered taxi. They annoy me actually.

Prices are really cheap compared to Australia. Just make sure to ask for the meter to be put on.

Taxis will also wait for you most of the time if you want to run into a shop, save you finding another one.

Anyway, I’ve had enough of my own voice. Tomorrow it’s the Highway to Suva. Yahoo!

Moce Mada xx

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