These are a few of my favourite Fiji things

Today in Woolworths I bumped into a Fijian friend. She is heading back home to Suva shortly for Christmas. I have until the 13th of this month to cancel our accommodation. Yet I cannot bring myself to do it. Even though we don’t have flights booked and last time I checked, OMG 😮 it was $6k AUD for four of us return. We have a big lot of expenses coming up - including my Daughter getting braces in the new year. It’s like a scale in my brain is balancing both: Braces or Fiji... Braces or Fiji... Braces or Fiji! I know what my head is saying, but oh man, my heart is screaming something else.

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On the way home from Woollies, my kids and I started talking about all our favourite things about Fiji. One of them suggested that perhaps some money 💰 will fall from the sky into our laps before the 13th. Umm girls, that’s not likely to happen.... Okay, I admit, I suggested it - a girl can dream right? Here are some of our favourite Fiji things (can you relate?): * Fried Kasava * Tin tomato 🍅 sauce that you shove your knife into to open, and then drip the sauce all over your fried kasava * The carrier trucks filled with guys who are always happy 😃 and willing to smile and wave 👋🏾 hello! * Movies at Damodar🍿 * The names that taxi drivers give their cars, like “Midnight Express”, or “Sexy Boy”🚖 * The smell and the heat when you step off the plane in Nadi * Roti/curry from Hot Bread * Also from Hot Bread - still warm long loaf with Rewa butter 🥖 * Vatuwaqa bus line 🚌 * Pineapples on a stick - cut up all fancy Fiji style at the markets and roadside stalls🍍 * OMG, how could I forget - fresh coconut off the tree and the Bu Boys who climb the trees in Raiwaqa🌴 * Sasa brooms - way better than Aussie brooms * Diwali time with all the colourful Indian wear * Sporting matches when fans cheer and dance in the crowd 🕺🏽 * MHCC food court - Maya Daba yum 😋 * Hitching in the West 👍🏾 * Roadside BBQs on a Friday night * The eye signals - raise up to say Yes 👀 * Stopping off at Baravi on your way to Suva🥪☕️ coffee and sandwiches * Dolphins food court * Indian sweeties carts and Julabi, Barfi * Cream buns - again Hot Bread Shop * The Sydney Shop👗👠👛 * Bula Coffee ☕️ (I have to say that because the Owner is our friend😜) but seriously they’re a great company with delish coffee and chocolate covered coffee beans YUM * Suva rain ☔️ * The heat in the West 🔆 * Hot Sila 🌽 at Vatukarasa * Pure Fiji warehouse on Saturdays 🌸 * Walking along the Suva Seawall from town to Suva Point 🌅- sore legs means grabbing a cheap taxi home 🏠 * The guy that stands outside of MHCC to direct the taxis 🚕🙅🏽‍♂️ * Colourful uniforms at Back To School time which line the streets in town - actually the colourful uniforms on kids all the time! * The shoe shine boys near Westpac always friendly to us, and the shoe shine boys outside ROC 👞 * Bula spirit - smiles galore😃😃😃 * The prisoners in orange who whipper-snip the grave yard, who yell out and wave BULA! * Lovo - smoky pork🐷 and palusami (not the one that makes your throat itch though) * My beautiful friends from Cuvu❤️ * More beautiful friends from Sigatoka, and Suva 💚 * Wishbone king size pizzas - tandoori Yummo * eco Cafe 🍕

* The road blocks by Police when prisoners escape * Rugby everywhere, in every village🏉 * Taking a “morning walk” * The ding ding dong sound of Kava being pounded roadside * Deafening music 🎶 playing from shops as you walk through town on a Saturday morning * The Saturday morning BUZZ in Suva City * Sacred Heart church 💒 my absolute favourite church in the World * The endless loud and proud expression of Faith 🙏🏾 and Sunday is Church day with everyone in their Bula wear and sulu jabas * That rotten hill from town to Knolly Street - I hate it - but I Love it 🤣 on the way down * The laundry at Knolly Street 👔👖OMG so cheap and folded too! * The simplicity of life in Fiji 🕶 * Driving from Nadi when you coming kind of towards Cuvu zone and you see Shangrila in the distance A lot of this list is food - oops but, YUMMO ! What have I forgotten? Share some of your favourite things with me in a comment below! Yes, I’m clearly in “I Miss Fiji Mode”. Some of my favourite Fiji memories are below... Love, SJ XO

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