February 26, 2018

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Your own business in Fiji - what you can't do!

April 17, 2018

Starting a business in Fiji is an exciting and bold way to start a new life in Fiji. 


Expats often come upon life in Fiji through an employment offer, however, if you aren't moving to Fiji on a work contract, you may be considering investing in Fiji through starting your own business.  Fiji is very protective of their jobs, and rightly so, especially  the jobs in which a local citizen could undertake.  The same goes with the businesses which foreigners can own and operate.


And you will find that there are many businesses which as non-residents of Fiji you will not be able to participate in.  Fiji Investment is the organisation where you will want to start, but I have provided some information below which will help you in your early stages of deciding what you should do in Fiji by way of business.



The following activities are prescribed for Fiji Citizens only.  

Milk Bar or Cafeteria Business 

Taxi Business

Kava Business

Retail Sales via Stalls and Markets

Handicraft Business

Tailor Shops

Repair of Personal and Household Goods

Plumbing Business

Electrical Business

Plant Nursery and Care

Day-care Centre

Internet Cafe and Amusement and Gaming Centers

Home-stay Lodging Services

Bakery Business, other than those operated within the vicinity of a hotel/resort and/or operated by foreign owned hotels/resorts

Back-packer Operations

Nightclub, other than those operated within the vicinity of a hotel/resort and/or operated by foreign owned hotels/resorts

Liquor Bar, other than those operated within the vicinity of a hotel/resort and/or operated by foreign owned hotels/resorts.

The following list of activities, have conditions which must be met by foreign investors who wish to pursue them:

Forestry (Plant Management & Logging)

Manufacturing (Tobacco Production)

Tourism (Cultural Heritage)

Services (Real Estate)



Inter-island Shipping and Passenger Services (Exclusive of Tourism Support Services)


So, there you have it.  Good luck with your business planning!  Read more about my experience in business in Fiji by reading this Post Here.


Until next time, SJ X




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