Day Two (of 21) - The return of the Bula Shirt

This morning saw the return of the Bula Shirt.

Along with the return of the mobile phone, and the Serious Face. This can only mean one thing - Hubby is working. Boring for us. Although seeing the Bula Shirt again after so long was a good feeling that we are in the right place (at least for the next short while).

Anyway as he did his thing, we had brekky which was included - a continental style, definitely good enough to get us going for the day.

Making the most of the Hire Car, we went into Denerau for coffee (again to Bulaccino but the one near the Sheraton)

And of course had to follow it up with some time at the Sheraton. I love that place.

It’s even lovely to just laze around and enjoy the cafe (although it’s cash free so just ask at reception). The angels found the 10 year old whilst she was lazing.

Not really, LOL. It was just the sun streaming through. And we found another gorgeous Christmas Tree.

To match the one at Toka Toka which is now run by the Warwick Resort, and is where we are staying for these first couple nights.

We leave in 2 more days. Anyway, after Denerau we took off for Lautoka, which is about 30mins drive away from Nadi. It is the main “city” of the West. The business centre, so to speak.

It’s actually really pretty in Lautoka, heaps of tree-lined streets. Wide streets. But boy it was hot! They don’t call it the “Burning West” for nothing.

We had a looksie at the new Tappoo building. If you’re looking for some shops resembling home, there’s a Gloria Jeans and a really nice looking pastry cafe.

We had the first encounter of the trip with a Con. His sister was blind and couldn’t work. Hubby didn’t fall for it - I’m the sucker.

Went back to find him and give him some cash to later talk to him so drunk having just bought grog with his blind, unemployed Sister’s money. And as I walked off disgusted with the stench of booze, I remembered this is why I have certain loved ones in Fiji that I will buy for and give money too, and one girl we pay School Fees for. The Cons spoil it for the genuine ones.

One such Con in Suva is a woman who constantly calls out “Aunty! Aunty!” chasing all her “Aunties” down the street. I was always pretty happy to give her a few dollars each time I saw her, until one day I was in the bus sweating and my hands going purple from holding 16,000 shopping bags, and she was in the drivers seat in icy cold air-conditioning of a brand spanking new red Kia next to me. Con! She was on the news months later at being caught out. Anyway, I digress...

Interesting to note our parking meter cost us 50 cents (about 30 cents AUD) which is way cooler than the rip off that is the Gold Coast parking meters. And they’re old school style so that means they’re cool.

As the sun was lovely and hot, I wanted to get some pool time in, as well as come good on the promise to myself that today would be sponsored by reading a novel. Sadly though by the time we got to the pool, the sun was gone and it was afternoon showers time.

Little One swam, I sat and watched, with sprinkling of rain on and off. Lasagne Foot made a return to the pool chair again - I’m sad for her that she can’t go swimming yet. Another blister has developed, as well as the skin that has already ripped off. Looks pretty sore.

I tried to read, but kept having to repeat the first paragraph so I gave up. My brain is fried at the moment. Think it’s slowly coming down off a really busy period before we arrived. Hubby went off to town. Bye.

I listened to the band starting up whilst lazing on the pool chair. At this point the repetitive strumming (or tuning, whatever it was!) is putting me to sleep.

And the day ended really luxuriously with doing our massive pile of washing in the Guest Laundry, which cost us $30fjd for one wash and one drying load. How do we accumulate so much washing? Do you wash PJs every day? We do... but after a conversation in the laundry, I am wondering if I am weird.

And now my friends, I’m in bed and typing on my phone. I am tired but worse than that is I have no tan yet. Tomorrow will be sponsored not only by reading a novel, but by enjoying the sun.

Much love


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