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Day One (of 21) and it’s someone’s birthday..

Went to bed last night in a grump. Not just me, but all of us.

The 2am wake up call hit us by 4pm Nadi time, and by 7pm we were all so annoyed with each other that bed was the only option. The 3 gals decided it was best if we went home, like I mean literally home. To the Gold Coast. The little one said we should repack to be ready for a morning flight. The bigger one missed her bed.

And me - well I was about 30 sec from ringing Virgin. The Hubby thought we were crazy. Yeah maybe we were a little. Writing this now reminds me of our first night in Suva - clearly we have a behavioural pattern!

It is my little girl’s 10th Birthday today - Double Digits how did that happen? and at various moments during the night I encouraged myself to get up to blow the balloons and make a present display and put up streamers blah blah blah... and my mind actually kept saying back to itself “blah blah blah”. I was so tired, I could not do it.

Get up. No. Get Up. I can’t.

When I woke up and saw it was 9am and the sun was filling the room, I nudged Hubby to hide in the bathroom and blow up some balloons.

She didn’t get a display of my normal standard, but hey, we’re in Fiji - that’s got to make up for something.

She got want she had been wanting forever - an iPod. I was just happy we managed to get them here. There were many “discussions” on who was carrying these gift bags in their carry-on! Spoiler alert - it didn’t end up being me, LOL!

Then as we missed out on the inclusive brekky by sleeping in so late, we headed out to one of our fave cafes here, Bulaccino. We went to the one in Namaka.

I managed to get my fave of the moment, an iced Long Black which was a whooo-hoo moment. It was touch and go as to whether they understood my far too complicated description of it. But in the end a cup of ice, an espresso shot and some cold milk, as well as a jug of water arrived. And when I mixed it all - Yummo!

So obviously today’s post is sponsored by a Birthday. So we did whatever was on the Birthday Girl’s agenda. It went like this..

*Brekky at Bulaccino

*Walk through Nadi Town where we also picked up some essentials from RB Patel supermarket, like water and noodles. Bottled water cost us $1.10 (1.5L) - I mention this because at the hotel it is $9 per bottle.

*Pool Time! Where “Lasagna Foot” made an appearance. Only in Fiji would this girl be game enough to wear one sock to the pool.

Whilst swimming I arranged for a surprise Ice-Cream Sundae to be served, with chocolate sauce and sprinkles. She was surprised and embarrassed at the same time, and they even managed to surprise me too with their sundae...

The ice-cream sundae arrived in the form of a bowl of vanilla ice cream with a cupcake - nice improvisation there I thought. She also got serenaded by the chef who prepared it which was sweet (.. “and that was so embarrassing Mum!.”)

By this time it was 3pm and we just lazed by the pool. After realising a taxi would cost us $60Fjd return to Denerau where we were planning on having dinner, we decided to hire a car for the next day, which in hindsight was a fab idea.

One thing we’ve noticed is how SLOW everything is. I didn’t realise how much we’ve obviously re-accustomed ourselves to the faster pace life in Australia again. When we were here living last, the slowness or “Fiji time” did not bother us, in fact we probably participated in it. I think we need to re-involve ourselves in it again.

Anyways, because we love a good feed, the Birthday Girl chose pizza for dinner. It was so big her eyes popped out. Half and half - Butter Chicken and King from The Wedge in Nadi.

Whilst waiting for the pizza (Fiji time!) we made good use of one of her prezzies - a set of sticky fake nails. Again only in Fiji would we choose this moment to do this!

Then we realised fake nails and pizza don’t mix.

Ice creams all round for dessert at New Zealand Ice Cream at Denerau. Yummo! But pretty expensive I think at $12 each. But what are birthdays for!

Caught the end of the Polynesian Fire Dance which the Port Denerau put on every night!

Quick stop at the Sheraton to sticky beak at the gift shop to see whether any of my clothes are still in there. Answer is no, all sold.

And then home to bed. And the familiar “I think we should go home Mum” which always seems to happen at night time only. “Wouldn’t it be good to zap home so we can sleep and then zap back here for the day time?”

We have 2 Days left here in Nadi and tomorrow, I have decided, will be sponsored by reading a novel. It’s holidays after all.

Goodnight and Happy Birthday my little one


Hello there, it's SJ here - just checking in with you to see how you liked this post? Have you been to any of the places we went to? Do you have any Nadi tips? Please leave me a comment below - I will be delighted to hear the ding of a notification that someone has read this post! You can read about Day 2 and Day 3 as well.. Vinaka and thank you XX

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