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Day Zero... and the Lasagna Incident

Our flight is tomorrow morning at 6:30am from Brisbane. We will need to leave the Gold Coast at 3am to make it in time for a 2hr before flight check in. This means our alarms are set for 2:15am or in other words - Way Too Early! Our bags are packed. We pre-paid for 2 extra this time knowing I would have a lot of excess baggage in the form of prezzies, clothes and chocolates to give our friends. Last time it cost me close to $400 in excess fees at Check-In. So $55 a bag was really good in comparison. (As a side note, it almost makes the prezzies not worth it, better to give the receiver the cash spent on the excess baggage when it was that much.) I thought 2 bags would be ample given we each had one bag allocated, but I was wrong as usual - I am a chronic over packer. And I need professional help - I admit it. Our place looks like a bomb has hit and along with being a chronic Over Packer, I am also one of those types that must leave the house clean. Hubby and Kids make fun of me all the time joking that the Bond Clean will be happening soon. I probably have a problem - okay I’ll admit that one too. I am an Over Packer who has to bond clean her house before going away. Anyone else? Come on sisters, give me some support here! I did take a pic of the bomb but somehow it’s been deleted (how convenient for me😜). So I had a plan and a list of how to get everything bond cleaned and the final packing done for our carry ons, as well as washing clothes that “some of us” decided to wear today (the day before we leave) and absolutely must bring with us. Everything is going well by 6pm, until the Lasagne Incident. Frozen TV dinners tonight so my kitchen doesn’t mess up, my Hubby’s eyes are rolling by now. My eldest daughter was carrying hers piping fresh hot straight out of the microwave, jumping over the bomb mess and bags, balancing it on a tiny chopping board (the mind boggles) on top of a small toast plate (again it boggles!). It was inevitable. And if only I saw it happening as it was happening. Next up a trip to Emergency. It wasn’t just my carpet getting the Emergency treatment, poor daughter burnt her foot so bad the skin started peeling off the top of her foot immediately. And the mess, have you ever tried cleaning hot oozing cheese and bolognaise sauce off carpet? Omg it wasn’t pretty. Anyway, obviously Daughter is okay. Some ointment and a dressing, with a promise to change the dressing daily. Easy done. I have no idea though how the carpet will be when we get back... I’m off to bed now, will attempt to share it tomorrow morning before the plane. SUNDAY MORNING 6:50am Okay, couldn’t share earlier, too much going on. I’m on the plane now and it has just taken off, 20 minutes late. I don’t care, I’m on holiday!! Yahoo! Our morning so far in pictures...

Bags checking in. Yep, Over Packer here has done it again. Every bag too heavy for the automated self check in (how annoying is self check in? Took so much longer and the poor girls running around helping everyone, more hassle than it’s worth!) so each bag got tagged as Heavy Lift and we’re off. Quick stop into chemist for a pack of Nurofen, hello $15.95 or should I say Bye Bye 3 Coffees.

Beautiful sunrise this morning from the Terminal:

Hubby grabbed himself a coffee. Then ran back and grabbed one for us too. Thanks Love.

The excitement level is contagious...

On the plane and a few pics before we all settled in for movies. I watched “Bad Moms” - loved it! Heaps of choices. Was a great flight.

And before we knew it, we were settled in for this in sweet Nadi town (which is being named as a “City” soon!).

Goodnight, sleep well, I’m sure we will xx

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